24K Pure .999 Solid Gold 14GA - 30GA Coiled Round Wire Half Hard
24K Pure .999 Solid Gold 14GA - 30GA Coiled Round Wire Half Hard
24K Pure .999 Solid Gold 14GA - 30GA Coiled Round Wire Half Hard

24K Pure .999 Solid Gold 14GA - 30GA Coiled Round Wire Half Hard

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The wire is 24K solid gold wire. The coiled round wire is 1/2 hard (standard hard). Due to manufacturing tolerances, so there will be slight differences in length. All wires are cut to order, If the order quantity exceeds one unit, unless specified, it will become a continuous piece. All orders are customized made for you and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Common Jewelry Uses of Wire by Gauge / Size:
10 to 16 gauge: Thick wire. These can be used to make rivets, structural support for jewelry...
10GA / 2.59mm (Order Length Min 1 inch)
11GA / 2.31mm (Order Length Min 1 inch)
12GA / 2.05mm (Order Length Min 1 inch)
13GA / 1.83mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)
14GA / 1.63mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)
15GA / 1.45mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)
16GA / 1.29mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)

17-21 gauge are most commonly used and sturdy enough to hold their shape, work well for making handmade parts like rivets, ear wires, eye pins, jump rings, clasps and chain. 20ga works well for bracelet and necklace wire. 18ga makes good ear wires....
17GA / 1.15mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)
18GA / 1.0mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)
19GA / 0.91mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)
20GA / 0.81mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)
21GA / 0.72mm (Order Length Min 3 inch)

22-26 gauge are thin. It can also be used to beading wires, crochet, and weave, winding, twisted filigree wire...
22GA / 0.64mm (Order Length Min 6 inch)
23GA / 0.57mm (Order Length Min 6 inch)
24GA / 0.51mm (Order Length Min 6 inch)
25GA / 0.4547mm (Order Length Min 36 inch)
26GA / 0.41mm (Order Length Min 36 inch)

27-32 gauge are extremely thin and are usually used for complex thread processing, such as coiling, weaving, and wrapping. The wire is very delicate....
27GA / 0.36mm (Order Length Min 36 inch)
28GA / 0.32mm (Order Length Min 36 inch)
29GA / 0.29mm (Order Length Min 36 inch)
30GA / 0.26mm (Order Length Min 36 inch)

We can provide 1GA (7.35mm) to 30GA (1.15mm)
10K, 14K, 18K in color Rose, white, yellow or green gold, 22K, 24K yellow gold, platinum and sterling silver available upon special request.

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  • Available Metal Quality in 10K, 14K 18K, 22K solid yellow gold.
  • Available Size 1GA - 30 GA.

Please allow 2-5 business days for order processing and verification.

  • For stock items, your order should be shipped within 2-3 business days after order verification and credit approval.

  • For non-stock items, it will be made to order for you, and usually takes 10-20 working days. 

  • Special orders and customized orders, will provide an estimated delivery schedule after order verification and credit approval. We will send you an expected shipping time by a follow-up email.
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