Pearls have always been one of the most popular gems in history. Long regarded as the "Queen of gems, pearls have been prized for millennia. Pearls are the most traditional birthstone in June.
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      Pearl Care Frequently Asked Questions

      Pearls, as organic gems, are susceptible to chemicals in cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume. To maintain their shine, wear your jewelry after applying makeup and styling products. Perspiration can also damage pearls. Clean them gently with a soft cloth before storing. Before placing your pearls back into the jewelry box, wipe them gently with a soft cotton or bamboo cloth.

      Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners on pearls as it can damage their nacre. Gently wipe pearls with a cloth dipped in mild, soapy water, rinse in fresh water, and dry with a soft cloth. Clean pearls immediately if exposed to acidic substances. Do not submerge pearls in water to protect the silk thread.

      Periodically inspect the clasps or screws securing your jewelry. Even with regular wear, meticulously maintained pearls may become loose and need restringing. For continuous wear, pearl strands should be restrung every one to two years.