Design Your Own - Custom CAD Design

Realize your most desired dreams

Thank you for consider iAmore for your design studio. We hope to leverage our many years of experience doing custom Jewelry design to help you bring your dreams to life.

CAD Design File and Renders ($75)
This listing provides you with file of your choice (.stl or .obj), 4 view tech shot and 2 renderings.

How it works:
( PLEASE CONTACT US  with following information)
1. Provide as much information as possible about the design you want, be sure to include photos and image boards for reference
2. Purchase this listing.
3. I will draft up the first model based on your descriptions and/or images.
4. I will send you the tech shot and 2 renders for approval, upon which the customer can make changes as they see fit
5. Rework if there are any changes, If not you will be sent the files via email or through a download link.

Please provide as much information as possible in order for me to get you an accurate design with the first attempt.

Answer all that apply.
1. Name
2. Contact information: email (photos, etc.) phone # (some things are easier explained verbally).
3. Date you will need it by.
4. Budget (Will try to keep within range but if design decisions conflict may be broken)
5. Dimensions of piece; For Rings: Size & Width.
6. Materials to be used: Metals, Stones, etc...
7. Include a detailed description of piece desired be as specific as possible.
(Attach photos or sketches of desired piece or similar pieces.)

⁂ Turn Time and Details⁂
⇻ As this is Digital File 3D CAD Design there is no physical product. However, please allow 5-6 days for the complete initial CAD designs version.
⇻ You will receive the the file you selected via email or download, for any 3D printing. Please contact us for more information.
⇻ Get free 2 revisions of your designs which means you can re-design 2 times. Further changes will incur a $25 charge for each subsequent major change.

Tips to help with your design:
1. Use google to search for images that are similar to the design you want, copy and paste into email and or print off pictures draw on them and send me the altered pictures.
2. To learn about Gemstones and Diamonds
3. Another good link for Minerals and Gemstones

-I reserve the right to not take a design if I feel I cannot complete the project to the customers expectation in which case you will be refunded in full. (The customer will be informed before the project even begins.)
-Refunds can only be requested if no work has begun on the project. If the project is started, it will not be possible to request any refund.
-I reserve the right to use designs as material for portfolios, socials, business cards, price lists examples, etc. unless specifically requested
-Designs are strictly not for commercial-use unless a separate commercial-use agreement has been made.
-I reserve the rights to stream the work unless requested differently.