Enhancers and Hanger Bails

      Enhancers are easy to use and instantly interchangeable charms, pendants, pendants or pendants to necklace or bead chain designs without permanently altering the design of the piece. The hinged enhancers make it simple to position the any components, then close the enhancer over the chain or cord.
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      14K Gold 4.5x6.5mm Tapered Enhancer with Ring
      from $117.69 USD
      14K Gold 5.75 mm ID Enhancer Bail
      from $144.26 USD
      14K Yellow Gold 8x3.75mm ID Enhancer Bail
      $152.26 USD
      14K Gold 7.5x6 mm ID Enhancer Bail with Ring
      from $135.44 USD
      14K Gold Enhancer Bail
      from $133.02 USD