Custom Order Engagement Rings

Custom Order Engagement Rings

Regular price$120.00 USD

Thank you for consider iAmore for your design studio.

TWO CAD DESIGNS/RENDERS and PRICE QUOTE ($120) This listing provides you with a price quote on a custom piece of jewelry and a CAD prototype/rendering of your design. Once reviewed, a second prototype and rendering with any changes you might have specified will be provided.

If quote is accepted, amount paid is factored in toward the purchase of your jewelry design. If you decide not to proceed once the quote is receive, the amount paid ($120) will not be refunded.

Please note: the quote we provide is only valid for; 30 days for non precious metals and 24 hours for precious metals. We will contact you with the estimated date for the CAD drawing to be completed after your purchase.

How it works:

  1. Purchase this listing.
  2. Provide as much information as possible about the original or altered piece.
  3. A quote will be given to you for the complete process. (wax printing, lost-wax casting, assembly/setting, finishing)
  4. If quote is accepted, A PayPal invoice will be sent to you for the quote amount minus the amount already paid.
  5. If you decide not to proceed once the quote is received, the amount paid will not be refunded.

Please provide as much information as possible in order for me to give you an accurate quote and expedite the process.

Answer all that apply.
1. Name
2. Contact information: email (photos, etc.) phone # (some things are easier explained verbally).
3. Date you will need it by.
4. Budge (Will try to keep within range but if design decisions conflict may be broken)
5. Dimensions of piece; For Rings: Size & Width.
6. Materials to be used: Metals, Stones, etc...
7. Include a detailed description of piece desired be as specific as possible. (Attach photos or sketches of desired piece or similar pieces.)

Tips to help with your design:
1. Use google to search for images that are similar to the design you want, copy and paste into email and or print off pictures draw on them and send me the altered pictures.
2. To learn about Gemstones and Diamonds
3. Another good link for Minerals and Gemstones

  • For stock items, your order should be shipped within 2-3 business days after order verification and credit approval.

  • For non-stock items, it will be made to order for you, and usually takes 10-20 working days. 

  • Special orders and customized orders, will provide an estimated delivery schedule after order verification and credit approval. We will send you an expected shipping time by a follow-up email.
Please contact us if you need something expedited.

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